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Conditions Of Reporting

  1. It is presumed that the specimen belongs to the patient named or identified in the test request form
  2. A test requested might not be performed for the following reasons
    1. Specimen quantity insufficient (inadequate collection/ spillage in transit).
    2. Specimen quality unacceptable (haemolysed / clotted/ lipemic etc.)
    3. Incorrect specimen type.
    4. Test cancelled either on request of patient or doctor, or because of incorrect test code, test name or specimen received. It is expected that a fresh specimen will be sent for the purpose of reporting on the same parameter(s), if required.
  3. Some tests are referred to other laboratories to provide a wider test menu to the patients
  4. In case of preprinted stationery, CLIENT will ensure that the report alignment is proper before distributing to the CUSTOMER and printer is selected, and routinely monitored and serviced, such that all distributed reports are complete, free of blemishes, artifacts, or moiré and clearly and accurately rendered to match the content shown in the provided PDF files, as viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  5. While it is understood that print out variations will occur, CLIENT will ensure that printing is consistent throughout each printed report, and sufficiently consistent with the on-screen presentation to convey the same meaning.